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Nicelabel Designer Standard

Designer Standard

Designer Standard


Industrial Labelling made easy

The easiest way to connect labels with your existing database.

Designer Standard



Easily design professional labels
Designer Standard’s wizards make it easy to do common label tasks including connecting to your existing databases.

Connect to your existing databases
You already have your label data in a database; why not use it to improve your labeling? Rather than create lots of near identical labels, design a few templates and connect them to your existing data.

Easy printing for your operators
The NicePrint module gives non-technical usersan easy “point and click” label printing interface without them ever having to see a label design program.

Easily create concatenated variables
Designer Standard supports serial numbers,prompts, date/time stamps, linked fields, expressions and database. Expressions allow you to concatenate and manipulate fields and create composite variables such as serial numbers(decimal counting).

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