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Thermal Ribbons

AM Labels has a wide range of compatible and genuine branded thermal transfer ribbons available for a variety of different thermal label printer brands.

Ink Cartridges

AM Labels has a range of genuine ink cartridges for the VIP VP2020, VP485, VP495 nad VP700, Primera LX400, LX800, LX900e, LX1000, LX2000 and LX910, Afinia L801, L901, L301 and L501 and Epson C3500, C831 and C7500 series label printers, Anytron any-002 Toners

Thermal Ribbons
Thermal Ribbons
Ink Cartridges
Ink Cartridges

We have a range of sizes and grades such as the standard Wax, Resin Enhanced Wax, Wax Resin and Resin thermal transfer ribbons. Below is an explanation of what each grade is and why that particular thermal ribbon will be suitable for the application you require.

Wax – Inexpensive, most popular thermal transfer ribbon.

Label material: Suitable if you are printing onto matt or semi-gloss paper labels /card tags.

A wax ribbon is the lowest cost choice for a thermal ribbon. Wax is the softest ribbon making it more vulnerable to smudging and scratching.

Resin Enhanced Wax - High performance, thermal transfer ribbon.

Label Material: Suitable for printing all all semi-gloss paper labels.

High carbon content guarantees a crisp, sharp black image - so crucial for the printing of graphics, text and barcodes. Manufactured with a hot melt or solvent based process.

Wax Resin – Longlife, smudge resistant thermal transfer ribbon.

Label material: Suitable if you are printing onto semi-gloss paper or synthetic labels.

A wax resin ribbon combines wax and resin to makes these thermal ribbons smear and smudge resistant. It is the preferred choice of thermal ribbon for paper labels and the choice for synthetic labels that do not need to resist chemicals or extreme temperatures.

Resin - Long life, scratch and chemical resistant thermal ribbon. 

Label material: Suitable if you are printing onto synthetic labels.

A resin ribbon is the hardest thermal ribbon type; it is scratch and chemical resistant. Resin is the choice for printing synthetic labels going into harsh environments where print needs to be resistant against smearing, scratching, moisture(waterproof), abrasion, extreme temperature or chemicals.

For any further questions regarding the compatibilty of our Thermal Transfer Ribbons please press here to access the enquiry form or alternatively phone us today on 01536 414222.