Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

AM Labels Ltd takes its wider social responsibilities as a business seriously, and is committed to continuous improvement to create sustainable labelling solutions.


We recognise that our day-to-day operations have an effect on the environment and we wish to minimise the potentially harmful effects of such activity wherever and whenever possible.

As a consequence of this AM Labels is committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. Environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance.

  • The vast majority of our labels are produced from recyclable materials and we run our operations to reduce and recycle our waste.
  • Our self-adhesive paper labels and backing papers are produced from either recycled paper or paper harvested from sustainable forests.
  • We use recyclable PP (polypropylene) for most of our synthetic (plastic) labels except where the technical requirements prevent this.
  • We use environmentally friendly water based adhesives – We and our suppliers use water based acrylic based adhesives for the vast majority of our applications, and refrain from using solvent based adhesives (containing high levels of VOCs) for the vast majority of our applications, except very high performance applications where it is absolutely necessary (<3% of production).


We actively minimise our carbon footprint by:

  • Only using company rental cars when they are needed to visit customers and where possible visiting multiple customers in the same area at the same time.
  • Using a courier network to ship our goods to customers, which is more fuel efficient than dedicated company transport.


We conserve energy wherever possible including:

  • Using energy efficient lighting.
  • Turning off lighting and equipment when not in use.

Waste minimisation and recycling

We are committed to minimising waste including:

  • We recognise the environmental impact of the production and disposal of waste and the regulatory responsibilities of the company with regards to waste. We aim to fully comply with our legal duty of care for all waste produced, ensuring that it is disposed of in a safe manner.
  • We reduce, re-use and recycle waste where possible. E.g.
  • We recycle waste including non adhesive paper, cardboard and pallets.
  • We reduce printing and paper waste through software systems.


We use software to reduce our carbon footprint by storing information digitally rather than paper files.


  • We never pollute the environment.
  • We store our raw materials and wastes safely in accordance with the law, paying for our waste inks and chemicals to be safely recycled by a specialist contractor.


  • We donate to a local charity each year.



  • Ensure all employees know and understand the policy and what is expected of them.
  • Comply with environmental legislation, regulations and government guidance.
  • Constantly seek to improve our environmental performance.
  • Delegate responsibility for environmental improvement to a Company Director.
  • Have a policy of Equal Opportunity in place and are committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce.

Anti-Bribery Comittment

It is our policy to carry out business fairly, honestly and openly both at home and abroad. As such we have a zero tolerance approach towards bribery in any part of our operation. Bribery is defined as a promise offer or gift (financial or otherwise) to bring about the improper performance of a function or activity. Examples of this would be offering a potential client a gift such as a weekend away on the condition they do business with us, or a client offering you a gift on the basis you will reduce the price of our service to them.

To meet this commitment the Company has the following systems in place to counter bribery:

  • Monitoring risk to assess the levels the Company is exposed to in its business, particularly the public relations, sales and marketing department.
  • A clear entertainment and expenses policy that sets out that only reasonable hospitality, entertaining and gift giving expenses will be accommodated by the Company and should not induce either party to contract.
  • All new employees will receive, as part of their induction, training on preventing, detecting and reporting bribery.

Supplier Ethics

Suppliers are required to:

  • As a minimum standard, to comply with all the laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.
  • Uphold all internationally recognised human rights wherever their operations are located
  • All wages and working hours will, as a minimum, comply with all applicable wage and hour laws, and rules and regulations in the country in which they operate..
  • No use of child, forced or compulsory labour, and employees shall be free to leave employment after reasonable notice.
  • Respect the right of employees to freedom of association and recognition of employees’ rights to collective bargaining, where allowable by law.
  • Ensure that safe and healthy working conditions will be provided for all employees.
  • Ensure that operations will be carried out with care for the environment and will include compliance with all relevant legislation in the country concerned.
  • Ensure that all products and services will be delivered to meet the quality and safety criteria specified in relevant contract elements, and will be safe for their intended use.
  • Act with integrity –Not offer, promise, give, demand or accept bribes or other unethical advantage, including excessive or frequent gifts and entertainment, in order to obtain, retain or give business or other advantage.
  • We expect our Suppliers not to engage in, nor be a party to, agreements, business practices or conduct that, as a matter of law, are anti-competitive.
  • Ensure that their direct suppliers adhered to these standards in their supply chains.

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