AM Labels’ Latest Range of Barcode Scanners!

AM Labels’ Latest Range of Barcode Scanners!

Barcode scanners are a frequently overlooked method of streamlining organisational productivity, cutting costs and saving time. They are an exceptionally valuable and viable choice for businesses looking to reduce overheads and maximise profits. However, many companies have a hard time finding the best barcode scanning solution for their given requirements and often forgo the implementation into their business entirely, or end up wasting money on the wrong solution. Just take for example some of the common factors that need to be considered before purchasing a barcode scanner.

  • Do you need a linear 1D scanner or a 2D area imager?
  • Do you need to scan barcodes with very small text?
  • Does your scanning solution need to be able to scan from far away?
  • Does it need to be wireless? If so, what maximum range do you need?
  • Is durability required? If so, how durable?

Here at AM Labels, we realise this can often be a daunting process for people who just want to find a barcode scanner for the right price, which fully meets their requirements. Below you will find some of the best barcode scanners in their respective classes, be that general purpose, light industrial or fully industrial scanners, simply click on any of them to find out more information. If you need any further assistance, then feel free to contact our expert sales team on 01536 414 222, we will work to understand your business requirements and provide the ideal solution tailored for you.

General Duty Handheld Barcode Scanners

Designed for use within small to medium enterprises, general duty handheld barcode scanners provide an easy to use, reliable and highly affordable scanning solution for day-to-day operations. General duty scanners are exceptionally easy to use; no employee training is required, saving your company time and money. General duty scanners are ideally suited for, but not limited to inventory and asset tracking in retail, library, backoffice and access control applications. Available in 1D/2D/Wired/Wireless variants.

                LS2208 Barcode Scanner       LI4278 Barcode Scanner       HD3100 Barcode Scanner       QBT2131 Barcode Scanner       

                DS4308 Barcode Scanner       DS6878 Barcode Scanner       HD3430 Barcode Scanner       QBT2400 Barcode Scanner       

Light Industrial Barcode Scanners

Light industrial scanners combine cutting edge performance with enhanced durability making them the ideal choice for demanding workplace environments such as retail and healthcare. Available in 1D/2D/Wired/Wireless variants.

                                    LS3008 Barcode Scanner       DS4308 Barcode Scanner       GD4130 Barcode Scanner

                                    GD4430 Barcode Scanner       GBT4100 Barcode Scanner       GBT4400 Barcode Scanner

Industrial Barcode Scanners

Industrial barcode scanners are designed for use within harsh work environments that demand fast paced, high volume barcode scanning. All our scanners are IP rated and can withstand multiple drops onto concrete, ensuring maximum product life and lowering your total cost of ownership. Available in 1D/2D/Wired/Wireless variants.

                LI3608 Barcode Scanner       LI3678 Barcode Scanner       LI4278 Barcode Scanner       PD8300 Barcode Scanner       

                PBT8300 Barcode Scanner       DS3608 Barcode Scanner       DS3678 Barcode Scanner       DS6878 Barcode Scanner       

                                                             PD9500 Barcode Scanner       PBT9500 Barcode Scanner

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