Pavers markdown label solution!

Pavers markdown label solution!

Pavers Ltd was established by Catherine Paver in 1971 with the first Pavers shoe shop located in York. Pavers expanded their chain of shops in the North and in 1996 they opened their first Outlet store in North Shields. Pavers offer a wide range of brands that other discount footwear retailers fail to put forward. Pavers currently have over 50 shops around the UK and Ireland and are in the process of expanding through the building of a new head office/warehouse.

Pavers needed a label printing solution that would allow staff to easily print off price markdown labels that symbolised the professional image of the brand. Pavers were using Pricing guns to allow for sale discounts which were under the control of individual stores.

AM Labels supplied Pavers with Sato CX400 label printers and colour pre-printed sale labels to enhance their brand image during sales and special offers. The solution allowed Pavers to quickly respond to sales and control pricing through their central computer at head office.

Key Benefits to Pavers Ltd:

  • Allows consistency and reduces errors at store level
  • Respond quickly to sales
  • Saves time – quicker than printing with pricing guns
  • Reduced spend on price markdown labels
  • Better branding through labelling

What can we do for you?

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