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Label Focus - Security Label Materials

Security Labels


Free QuoteSecurity label materials are ideal for applications where the label needs to be difficult to remove from the surface it's applied to. Available in a variety of colours and security types.

  • Void label material leaves a VOID impression on the surface of the item and the label if the label is removed. The label cannot be re-applied. Void labels are ideal for labelling rating plates, seal labels for electronic components and anti-pilfering outer case seals. A range of materials are available offering instant tamper-indicating qualities, even when applied to low energy surfaces.
  • Tamper evident/resistant material is usually made from Ultra Destruct Vinyl. The material fractures easily upon removal, preventing subsequent re-application. (i.e. it breaks up as you try to remove it). Tamper evident labels are also referred to as ultra destructible, tamper proof or anti tamper labels.


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