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Label Focus - Name Labels

Name Labels


Free Quote Name labels are typically used to identify clothing for school name tags. Name labels can be sewn or ironed onto items of clothes. There are different materials, colours and wash strengths available depending on whether your name label needs to be resistant to domestic or industrial use.

Name labels can be supplied pre-printed with your information on or blank for you to print with a thermal transfer label printer and resin ribbon.


Iron on Name Labels

Iron on name labels for schools can be supplied as a kit with a Zebra desktop printer. These labels can be used with a computer or a keyboard display unit on location for stand alone printing.

The desktop kit provides a total solution for your school or business to supply labels to a school, out of the box ready to print with a Zebra desktop printer, free basic label design software, iron on labels and ribbon. Labels and ribbons available to buy online are appropriate for household washing only.

Iron on label material is high quality coated nylon with a backing suitable for ironing straight onto fabric. The compatible resin ribbons provide the ultimate in chemical and heat resistance print.


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Iron On Clothing Labels Solution
Iron on labels for Desktop Printers, Suitable for name labels for schools and general workwear, supplied as a kit with Zebra GK420t printer. These labels can be used with a PC or stand alone printing.