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Label Applicators

AM Labels has a wide range of label applicators and our technical team can develop customised solutions to suit your exact requirements, including labelling the front of products, round the corner labelling and integration with other systems.

We offer various types of label applicator products such as Label Rewinders, Label Dispensers and also sell Label Applicators and Bottle Labellers. These products are efficient and can save your company time and money on your labelling requirements. 

There are two types of applicator:

Wipe on applicators - These require the product to be moving, either via a conveyor or in the case of bottle labellers, the machine rotates the bottle. 

Pneumatic piston applicators - These applicators hold the label on a place via a vacuum, the piston then moves forward and either blows or tamps the label onto the product. This method requires the product to be momentarily stationary.

Fast Track Label Service
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cab A5104 Print and Apply

The cab A5104 Print and Apply uses a wipe-on dispensing module with a cab A4+ printer to apply labels onto an existing conveyor line.

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cab VS / HS Label Dispenser Series

The cab VS / HS label dispenser series allow you to easily peel and present your printed labels.

from £304.99
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