Fieldlink success for Galvey Ltd

Manor Bakeries (part of Premier Foods) made the decision to franchise its own sales and delivery operations, Galvey was one of the companies established after this reform. Manor Bakeries is a leading manufacturer of cakes and snacks, including Mr Kipling, Lyons and Cadbury's cakes.

Galvey provides a delivery service selling cakes, drinks, sweets and bread products to hospitals, retail chains, airports, colleges and corner shops, predominately any retailer who is not in the position to buy in large quantities of goods. Galvey operates a sale or return service replenishing stock and exchanging goods that have gone out of date code.


Manor Bakeries were relying on an outdated electronic field sales system, which was no longer supported or produced. When Galvey was formed they were unable to take over the existing Manor Bakeries field sales system as it was no longer supported.  As it would have been impractical for Galvey to revert to a paper based system, it was clear that a new system was required.

There was a need for a cost effective van sales system that would allow mobile sales people to carry out the full range of transactions at the point of sale, and to communicate the information wirelessly to the back office system.


AM Labels fully analysed Galvey’s requirements and in particular the invoicing requirements of Manor Bakeries and recommended FIELDlink, a unique on route van sales system.

AM Labels were able to provide a solution consisting of a PC administration software to manage customer products and discount information and to allocate calls to routes. The handheld terminal software allowed the operator to take orders and either print a delivery note (credit customers) or an invoice (cash customers). The handheld software keeps track of stock levels on the van and also allowed payments to be collected.


  • Facility to download customer, stock, pricing and call details to handheld computer/PDA
  • Upload call information from PDA, including issues and receipts
  • Maintain stock, price and customer records
  • Seamless connectivity between terminals and software back at base
  • Stock enquiries
  • Print invoices and credits
  • Print reports

Lawrence  says “We chose AM Labels Ltd because we had the most confidence that they would provide a system which was the most suitable and cost effective.” He goes on to say “FIELDlink has enabled us to eliminate the burden of manual paper work and the miscalculations and human errors inevitable with a manual system. This gives our customers confidence that we are using a secure system.”

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