Introducing the Zebra ZD200 Series Label Printer


The next addition to Zebra’s desktop printer range offers an upgrade on the 4 inch, GC400 series. With the introduction of the ZD200 series, Zebra have updated their range of high quality, budget thermal label printing. Offering reliable operation, improved durability at cheap prices, and providing clear value for money, the ZD200 Series looks set to increase the standing of all budget thermal label printers.

Improved Durability

Zebra have made every effort to make the ZD200 printer range as durable as possible. Both the ZD220 and the ZD230 include components such as dual-wall construction and fully metal printheads, which provide added durability to these printers to ensure high performance operation through more demanding print cycles. In addition, 128mb RAM and Flash memory are included across the ZD200 range. This is over 15 times greater than the memory built in to its predecessor, the GC420. By combining significantly increased processing power, with the new ‘dual-wall construction’, Zebra have ensured their latest contribution to desktop printers will optimize performance over much longer periods of time.

Unprecedented Ease of Use

Zebra continuously ensure their products are as simple to operate as possible, and the ZD200 series is no different. With both the ZD220 and ZD230 available in both direct thermal and thermal transfer models, customers can choose whichever method is needed for their business requirements. USB connectivity and multiple print languages, including non-Zebra commands, enable the ZD200 to seamlessly integrate in to moany existing printing system. A single LED light and feed/pause button keeps hassle to the minimum, making operation simple and identifying the printer status instant.  Simplicity is crucial to the success of a desktop printer and Zebra have maximized this to produce one of their most effective products to date.

High Quality on a Budget

The ZD200 series, in particular the ZD230, really expands on the quality of the GC400 range that it replaces. While the ZD220 offers standard USB connectivity, the ZD230 comes with Ethernet, Wifi, and Bluetooth options. Not only this, but the ZD230 can handle ribbons of up to 300m, in comparison to the standard 74m, and has a 6 Inch per second print speed. Providing faster printing with fewer ribbon changes means the ZD200 series can offer an efficient service that few printers in this market can match. Built to be ENERGY STAR qualified, the ZD200 series saves energy while in use, reducing operational expenses. While the ZD220 provides an upgrade on previous budget desktop printers, it is the ZD230 that really pushes this series to the boundaries of desktop thermal printing, to give you the quality that your business needs.


Key Specs

Print Method Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer
Print Width 104mm, 4.09 inches
Print Resolution 203dpi
Print Speed ZD220 – 102mm Per Second

ZD230 – 152mm per Second

Media Sensors Moveable Black Mark Sensor, limited range from centre to left side



Overall, the quality of Zebra’s products has once again pulled through in this latest desktop printing series. The ZD200 series offers the complete package in smaller thermal printing requirements from the added durability across the whole range, to the increased print speed in the ZD230 model, all contributing towards this. The impressive product quality and features, in comparison to the cost price is a major selling point of the ZD200 series, and something that sets it apart from both its predecessor and competition.

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