NEW! Toshiba BA400 Series Label Printer


Introduced to replace the B-SA4 range of mid-range thermal printers, Toshiba have released the powerful BA400 series. Comprised of the BA410 and BA420, both offer significant upgrades on their predecessor and ensure Toshiba printers are some of the most high performing and reliable on the market.


The BA400 series prides itself on offering incredibly reliable performance levels across the range. The BA410 is built with stronger metal casing, ensuring it maintains its performance levels in harsher, more industrial environments. In comparison, the BA420, with its plastic casing, has a much smaller footprint and suits workplaces which space constraints, such as workplaces. The BA400 range efficiently offers a solution for almost any working environment.

With such a wide range of connectivity options available with the BA400 Series, reliable connections to your existing systems are guaranteed. Both models come equipped with USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WLAN, as well as ports for additional Parallel and Serial connectivity. On top of this they can emulate ZPL II and SBPL print languages, ensuring they can effortlessly integrate in to any business operation as a replacement for mid-range printers from a range of manufacturers.

Powerful Performance

The BA400 series has improved on the performance of the SA4 series, not least with the increased print speed on offer. Both models in the BA400 series offer an 8 inches per second print speed, in comparison to the 6 inches per second on the models they replaced, significantly increasing productivity. Optional 203dpi and 300dpi versions offer high quality printing on a wide range of label sizes and a 450m maximum ribbon length enables continuous printing with very few interruptions.

Toshiba have introduced a brand new CPU and OS platform with this printer range which extends the performance capabilities of these printers. It is this platform that enables the multi print language emulation and enables NFC pairing to print on demand from a mobile device. Both features contribute to push this range to the top of the market.

Key Specs

Print Method Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer
Print Speed 8 Inches Per Second
Print Width GS12 – 104mm

TS12 – 105.7mm

Connectivity USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WLAN
Max Ribbon Length 450m
DPI 203/300



Overall Toshiba have produced a very impressive range of printers that are built to last. Efficient and economic, they provide a good value for money, as well as giving you the quality that you need. Faster print speeds, a more robust build, and NFC connectivity, all point towards Toshiba looking to the future with this range. Additional options for RFID and extra connectivity mean the BA400 range covers almost every requirement you could have, as well as offering the perfect printer to fit seamlessly in to complex, existing business systems.


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