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Mobile Printers

Lightweight, direct thermal printers with a choice of 48, 70 and 104mm print widths. Can either be worn on a users belt or with a shoulder strap. Choice of Bluetooth or 802.11b wireless connectivity.

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Honeywell Apex 4 Mobile Receipt Printer

The Honeywell Apex 4 is a rugged, lightweight mobile receipt printer with a 104mm print width.

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Zebra ZD410 Direct Thermal Desktop Printer

The Zebra ZD410 is a fast and highly dependable 2" wide label printing solution designed to fit into the smallest of workspaces.

from £216.90
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Woosim PORTI-W40 Receipt Printer

The Woosim Porti-W40 is a receipt printer with a print width of 4.09 inches and 200dpi. Ideal for field sales representatives.

from £281.57
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Honeywell Apex 2 Receipt Printer

The Honeywell Apex 2 is a rugged, lightweight receipt printer with a 48mm print width.

from £323.90
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Honeywell Apex 3 Receipt Printer

The Honeywell Apex 3 is a rugged, lightweight 3 inch wide label printer with print speeds up to 2 inches per second.

from £347.55
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Zebra iMZ220 Mobile Printer

The Zebra iMZ220 is a 2 inch mobile label printer to support all of your 48mm on-the-go printing.

from £276.25
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Honeywell microFlash 4te Ultra-Rugged Receipt Printer

Honeywell microFlash 4te Receipt printer with 203dpi, 4" print width and Bluetooth options available.

from £599.99
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Zebra QLn420 Mobile Label Printer

The Zebra QLn420 is a compact mobile printer which is ideal for field sales & factory labelling.

from £539.99
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Toshiba TEC B-EP4DL Mobile Printer

The Toshiba TEC B-EP4DL mobile label printer is a four inch wide label and receipt printer and is a popular choice for retail environments.

from £610.00
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Zebra ZQ110 Mobile Receipt Printer

Zebra's smallest & most affordable 2 inch receipt printer is ideal for low duty-cycle applications where a 2 inch (48mm) receipt is needed.

from £229.40
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