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Visitor Management Software

Effective logging and control of visitors and contractors is vital to the safety and smooth running of any company. With systems to suit any specification and budget, the Visibadge range of software enables organisations of every size to step up security and transform their reception areas with computerised visitor control.

Visibadge makes the issuing of visitor passes a swift, neat and cost-effective operation. It logs visitors, contractors and temporary staff and produces a full colour personalised pass in less than 10 seconds. Each pass shows the host name so it is always evident who is responsible for that visitor whilst on site. Reporting is quick, accurate and easy to produce. 

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Visibadge Lite Software

Visibadge Lite is the ideal package for companies of any size who have small numbers of visitors. This version is a straightforward replacement for a paper-based system, with the benefit of immediate cost savings. It is also upgradeable to Visibadge Pro or Pro Ex versions.

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Visibadge Pro Software

Today’s security requirements demand a professional approach to visitor management and control. Thousands of people are identified every day by passes produced with our Visibadge visitor management systems.

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Visibadge Pro Ex Software

For the most powerful visitor management system, look no further than the VisiBadge Pro Ex. You can customise your own passes at any time using our ''pass designer'' module.

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Visibadge XFR Software

The Visibadge XFR package uses the more powerful database of an SQL platform which assures both speed and reliability for large organisations and busy receptions. XFR boasts all the features of Pro Ex but with more powerful reporting features.

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