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Anytron New Any-002 Colour Label Printer

Print Full Colour Labels on Demand!

Anytron any-002 colour label printerThe Anytron Any-002 is a full colour label printer that provides a complete solution for producing your own vibrant and resilient colour labels. The new any-002 works to fill a much needed gap in the marketplace by providing an industrial class printer for a price point that quickly shows a positive return on investment.

Digital label printing has quickly become one of the most lucrative fields to be in with a proliferation in demand for customised labels for the foods, beverages, cosmetics, speciality chemicals and dietary supplement industries to name just a few. However, with such a demand, inherently comes with it greater levels of competition. With the Any-002, you have the tools you need in house to rapidly produce labels in any colour, shape or size you want on demand. You have complete control of the entire label process ranging from label design, to printing, laminating and cutting –this makes the any-002 a highly cost-effective solution that is perfect for any company who is serious about private labelling.


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