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The E-Packaging Trito and Giove are high performance semi label applicator for applying labels to the top or sides of products when used with a suitable conveyor system. Labels are applied after activation by a product sensor mounted on the conveyor.

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Wipe on label applicator with built-in thermal transfer printer for small to medium size label runs. The system is suitable for labelling the top of products (print engine version available for labelling the sides of products). Ideal for printing date and batch codes.

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Print and apply system with a labelling arm that rotates through 90 degrees for labelling the front of products. Labels are automatically transferred to a vacuum plate and applied to the product via a tamp or blow action.

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Automatic print and apply system for applying labels (round the corner) to two sides of a product or carton. On activation by the product sensor, a label is printed and automatically transferred to a flexible conveyor arm.

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LOW COST labelling line for cylindrical products for wraparound or semi-wraparound labelling, comprising conveyor belt with FIXED speed of 20 m/min and motor block with monoblock. The COMPACT line is available only with 1 labeling head with maximum label width of 100-140-190 mm.

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