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Labelmate Slitter Station, max label width 255mm, Includes UCAT-1-W9 Unwinder, S-200 Slitter and CAT-2-W9 Rewinder

Labelmate S-100s and S-200s Label Slitter Station

The SLIT-100 and SLIT-200 are high speed, heavy-duty label slitting stations including everything you need to slit labels. The SLIT-100 and SLIT-200 are matching in structure except for size, with a maximum label width of 6.7? on the SLIT-100 and a maximum label width of 10? on the SLIT-200.

The SLIT-100 comes with a UCAT-S economy heavy-duty unwinder and a CAT-2 heavy-duty rewinder whereas the SLIT-200 comes with a UCAT-1-W9 heavy-duty unwinder and a CAT-2-W9 Heavy-duty rewinder, to handle wider labels. Also included are 10 high-speed replacement blades, a locking bar to lock all the units together and 3 or 4 separator plates, of which 1 is aluminium and 2 plastic (SLIT-100) or 3 plastic (SLIT-200).

The SLIT-100 has 2 blade holders, whereas the SLIT-200 has 3 blade holders, but can accommodate up to 5 blades. Capable of being used in in-line or off-line states, so either slitting directly from a printer or between an unwinder and a rewinder. In-line slitting dramatically increase the life and efficiency of your print heads and ribbons, however off-line slitting can be done at speeds of 30ips(760mm/sec), as its not limited by the print speed of the printer.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete solution capable of any slitting job
  • 2 or 3 blade options
  • Slitting speeds of up to 30ips (760mm/sec)
  • No need to purchase and choose any rewinders to uses the S100 or S200 slitters.
  • Improves the efficiency and life of print heads and ribbons.

Warranty Information
The SLIT-100/SLIT-200 slitter station has a 3-year parts and labour limited warranty and a one-year limited warranty on included power supply module, standard repairs fixed within 10 - 21 days.

Buy online from the following options or call the sales team on 01536 414222 for further help and advice with your label slitting requirements.

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Labelmate Slitter Station, max label width 255mm, Includes UCAT-1-W9 Unwinder, S-200 Slitter and CAT-2-W9 Rewinder
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