AM Labels 3G Standalone Label Printer

AM Labels have developed a first-in-class, entirely self-contained 3G label printer, designed to give you added flexibility to print from even the most remote areas. Communication signals include 3G, EDGE and GPRS but the standalone solution can also use Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth and conventional USB sticks to update product databases stored on the printer. The solution uses the powerful Intermec PM43 and utilises its LCD touchscreen to deliver the easiest way to produce crisp barcode labels; just simply type your product ID, followed by the quantity and watch the labels print!

AM Labels 3G Standalone Label Printer

Whether the printer is connected via 3G, LAN or Wi-Fi, your IT department will be able to send automatic updates to the printer, ready for the operator to use. It’s ideal for saving you travelling to different sites, manually uploading standalone printers via USB flash drives.

The solution also gives you further visibility of your business with the addition of comprehensive reports. These reports, which are relayed back to the server automatically with no input necessary, include the number of labels printed, the types of labels printed, timestamps and completion dates etc.

Other key features include the usability of the Intermec PM43 as it’s proven to be suitable for first-time and advanced labelling users. Even if the printer has an error, the system will send alerts via text or email to inform you of what issue is present and how to resolve this, ensuring downtime is at a minimum.

Key benefits of the 3G labelling system

  • SMS and email alerts when the printer errors to ensure minimum downtime.  
  • Uses 3G, GPRS and EDGE depending on signal strength with WiFi, Bluetooth & USB also available.
  • Large LCD touchscreen display allows for easy product selection.
  • Saves time by sending mass database updates to a range of remote sites.
  • The powerful PM43 has maximum print speeds of 12 inches per second, making it ideal for on-demand labelling requirements. 

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