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Afinia DLF-220L Digital Label Finisher

The Afinia DLF-220L is an all-in-one system that can unwind, laminate, digitally plotter cut, remove waste, slit and rewind your labels – offering you a complete solution for professionally cutting and finishing short-run labels, on demand. The DLF-220 series is the perfect choice for brands and label converters who need to produce labels of various shapes and sizes in small to medium quantities. With the DLF-220L, you can cut and laminate directly from blank label rolls instead of stocking pre-cut labels in house – drastically reducing inventory and outsourcing costs.

The DLF-220L comes with the addition of a lamination station. If you are using a dye based printer, or have applications which demand resistance to UV or are frequently exposed to caustic environments, then the DLF-220L is the solution to investigate.

If you already own a durable pigment or laser based printer such as the NeuraLabel 300x or the ANY-002, then you may want to consider the DLF-220 which has all the same features as the DLF-220L apart from the laminator station.


Key Benefits

  • Finishing speeds up to 45% faster than the DLF-1000
  • Accurately cut any shape up to 381mm in length on demand
  • High performance optical sensor eliminates potential registration errors caused by dust or debris from the cutting area.
  • Easy to load and manoeuvre - saving time and money
  • Eliminate unnecessary waiting times and stock holding, take control of your label production.
  • Eliminate hassle associated with producing full bleed labels
  • Laminate labels for enhanced durability (DLF-220L)


DLF-220 Series Software

The Afinia DLF-220 comes included with an optical camera sensor along with I-Mark software. The software can easily locate a 4mm black registration mark created using well known design packages such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Once a black mark has been detected, it will be matched with the cut line, allowing you to make a test cut before commencing a job. Adjustments can be made, including cut or cut depth using the quick and easy controls within the I-Mark software.



Warranty Information 

This product comes with a manufacturer’s one year warranty.

Help and Support

Buy online from the following options or if you have any additional queries, please direct them to our expert sales team on 01536 414 222 or send us an email at: and we will be happy to help.

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Afinia DLF-220L Digital Label Finisher
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