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cab Hermes+4 Print and Apply

The cab Hermes+4 is a user-friendly print engine and when used with the Demand module 5114, it creates the perfect in-line print and apply labelling solution.

With its compact design and powerful printing performance, the Hermes+ is solely designed to fill a gap within the print and apply market. The Hermes+ can be customised to your application, whether you require left, right, top or bottom labelling, 203, 300 or 600dpi print resolution, 200mm or 300mm O/D labels for fewer changeovers and an optional ribbon saving module. The ribbon saving module ensures that less ribbon is used per label printed and minimizes any wastage, which ensures that fewer ribbons are used and less ribbons need to be purchased.

The Demand Module 5114 is the ideal wipe-on applicator due to its simplicity and effectiveness. The 5114 has a variable guide pulley that adjusts the label position at the dispensing tongue, allowing you to fine-tune the applied position on the package.

Key specification

  • Available in 203, 300 and 600dpi
  • 200mm or 300mm outside diameter for fewer label changeovers
  • Up to 500 metre long ribbons
  • Optional ribbon save module for minimizing ribbon waste
  • Left, right, top or bottom labelling options
  • Cover available to protect printer from dust/dirt

What’s included?

The Hermes+ package includes the following items:

  • Cab Hermes+4 203dpi label printer with 200mm outside core diameter and dispensing from the left
  • Hermes+4 Cover
  • Demand Module 5114L Applicator
  • Product Sensor 25 Pin
  • Printer Stand
  • Product Sensor Fixings

As the Hermes+ can be fully customised for your application, please contact us for free advice on integration with your current production line, and a quotation to fit your requirements.

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