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Godex T10/T20 Label Rewinder

With the Godex T10/T20 Label Rewinder, users can rewind their label rolls outside or inside facing depending on their own requirements. With the rewinders ‘dancing arm’ idler arm mechanism, labels can be fed from either side of the printer due to its positioning. With its stylish appearance and rugged design, the rewinder has guaranteed long term reliability.

Key features:

  • Modular core adaptor fits 1”, 1.5” and 3” core sizes.
  • Coloured LED indicator that provides rewinder operation status.
  • Rewinding direction switch to rewind ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ label rolls.
  • Easy assembly lock module for quick and firm label roll holding.

Buy online from the following options or call the sales team on 01536 414222 for further help and advice with your label rewinder requirements.

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Godex T20 Label Rewinder
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Godex T10 Label Rewinder
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