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FIELDlink Van Sales Software

FieldLink is professional van sales software, which is also referred to route accounting software and is designed to automate the process of field sales and deliveries. With the ability to capture, record and cost sales transactions, FieldLink is powerful route accounting software and has a range of reporting features to drill down aspects of your company, allowing you to evaluate and reduce further costs.

FIELDlink brings automated van sales within the reach of small to medium sized companies. The van sales system provides immediate benefits in terms of minimising administration costs and returns and tracking payments collected by delivery personnel. A return on investment can be achieved in as little as 6 months

The key to reducing administration costs and improving the quality of information, is to capture information electronically when the transaction takes place, in the call. This is achieved using the latest handheld computers or PDAs. At the same time, a printed invoice or delivery note is provided to the customer using a mobile printer. The addition of signature capture allows for proof of delivery.

The system includes simple to use, but powerful PC based administration software to manage all aspects of the sales and delivery process. Customer details, products, routes and sales orders can be entered with minimum movement between screens and the minimum number of key strokes. Powerful reports provide managers with up to the minute information.

Prices are available for different handheld and printer options, training and installation- please request a quote or call back to discuss your requirements.

FIELDlink allows complete flexibility with deliveries, invoicing and payments:

  • Deliveries can be entered on the PDA and invoiced on the PDA or downloaded to the PC administration software and invoiced.
  • Deliveries can be entered and invoiced straight onto the PC administration software.
  • Deliveries can be made on different days on the PDA and invoiced in one combined invoice on the PC administration software.  
  • Payments can be entered on the PDA or PC administration software.

Information on deliveries, invoices, payments and outstanding payments are synchronised each time PDAs communicate with the PC administration software. 

PDA Software

The handheld computer software will run on handheld computer, PDA or mobile phone running Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 or above. The van sales software on the PDA will allow customer, stock, and pricing information to be downloaded. The functions include:

  • Load stock onto van.
  • Select route (call plan).
  • Select customer and branch / outlet.
  • Select stock delivery and stock returns functions.
  • Stock levels displayed and updated as transactions occur.
  • Select product from list or scan bar code and enter quantity.
  • Display summary of transactions with amend facility.
  • Print delivery note or invoice depending on customer type.
  • View outstanding payments and collect payments.
  • Print payment receipts.
  • Bank payments collected.
  • Print reports on payments, bank transactions, stock and waste.

The format of the reports printed on the mobile printer can be customised to suit different applications.

PC Administration Software

The office based van sales software holds databases for the stock, customers and orders. The functions of the software are:

  • Maintain product, price and customer records.
  • Comprehensive discount structures.
  • Allocate customer delivery addresses to routes (call plans).
  • Download customer, product, pricing, outstanding payments and call details to PDA.
  • Upload call information from PDA, including invoices, deliveries, returns and payments.
  • Input deliveries directly via the computer and issue invoices / credits.
  • View customer accounts and input payments.
  • Comprehensive reports including sales by customer, round, and product and customer statements etc.

Honeywell Dolphin 6000 Scanphone PDA is also available from free on contract, please call our sales team for more information.

For a competitive quote or to arrange a demonstration of FIELDlink van sales system contact our friendly sales team on 01536 414222

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