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150mm X 450M Resin Ribbons, Box Quantity 8, for CLP 8301 Printer

Citizen branded ribbons for CLP 8301 Printer

Citizen Ribbons
Citizen ribbons are available in three different grades: wax, wax resin and resin to suit your labelling requirement.

Supported Printers: CLP 8301

Ribbon Types: 

  • Wax – general purpose wax ribbon suited to standard high speed, high volume printing on to paper labels and tags.
  • Wax / Resin - smudge resistant wax/resin ribbon. Suitable for semi gloss paper and some synthetic labels.
  • Resin - excellent smudge and scratch resistance. Suitable for synthetic labels, matt and high gloss coated papers.

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Ink WoundOutside
Internal Core Diameter (mm)12.5
MaterialWax / Wax/Resin / Resin
Ribbon Length (M)300-450
Supported PrintersCitizen 8301